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At Fynbos Consulting, our primary focus is on tax compliance, providing a spectrum of tailored and personalized services aimed at continuous adherence to SARS regulations.

Our team consists of two full-time tax practitioners & CA's, bringing their expertise to handle any tax query or request that might arise.

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We Specialize In

Arbitrage Trading Approvals (AIT/FIA)

We work diligently to secure your full R10 million approval from SARS, allowing you to send your funds out of South Africa for arbitrage trading.

Efficient SARS PINS Applications

Fynbos provides an efficient SARS pin service. We will apply for a SARS pin after every trade and will endeavour to get your pins approved as quickly as possible!

Full Disclosure and Compliance

Trust in our transparent process when applying for arbitrage trading. We ensure all aspects are in line with regulations.

Beyond the aforementioned services, we're also here to assist with:

  • Personal income tax returns
  • Company returns
  • Tax clearances
  • SARB approvals for individuals and corporates
  • Personalised escalations to assist in obtaining your approval, within the official SARS timelines

At Fynbos Consulting, we recognize that each client's needs are unique, and we're committed to providing solutions that align with your specific goals. Whether it's a question about personal income tax or strategic guidance on SARS approvals, we're here to navigate the complexities with you. Feel free to reach out to explore how our specialized services can support your financial journey.


Tax Consulting FAQ's

Yes, we can help to ensure that your taxes are appropriately filed.

SARS will only issue an approval for an individual taxpayer to access their available allowance when SARS is satisfied that the taxpayer is tax compliant. The issued TCS PIN is valid for 12 months from the date of issue (and is dependent on the taxpayer's future compliance status), and the TCS PIN is issued for the specific amount requested by the taxpayer.

The generally accepted practice by which SARS decides on issuing a TCS for FIA-related matters is by considering the individual's liquid asset base, where SARS will validate the source and availability of funds.

Our current average turnaround time on SARS applications is 14 business days. SARS does however have 21 business days to respond.

All cases in excess of 21 business days are escalated using appropriate SARS channels. We escalate overdue applications twice a week until we get an outcome.