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Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Trading refers to the practice of purchasing cryptocurrencies overseas and immediately selling them in South Africa for a profit. This is possible due to the fact that cryptocurrencies can trade at a premium of 1 - 3% in South Africa compared to overseas.

Please note that formal legislation tailored specifically for crypto asset service providers (CASPs) in South Africa is currently in progress. Fynbos Arbitrage (Pty) Ltd operates within our group of companies. It functions as a CASP, adhering to and complying with the interim regulatory framework established for CASPs in South Africa.

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In engaging with Crypto Arbitrage Trading, you're not investing directly in the cryptocurrency itself. Instead, you're taking advantage of the price difference between various markets (foreign versus local). As these transactions are executed instantly, you don't retain exposure to the crypto market. It's a strategic way to leverage the global landscape of cryptocurrency, and we invite you to explore this unique opportunity, knowing that we're here to support your journey. Feel free to reach out with any questions or to learn more about how Crypto Arbitrage Trading might fit into your investment strategy.

At Fynbos, we employ a blend of strategies in both OTC (Over the Counter) and exchange trading. Our goal is to consistently provide our clients with superior returns and adaptability, even as market conditions shift.

Our success in managing high-value trades has granted us exclusive access to various OTC markets. This unique positioning enables us to provide a secure and customized service with exceptional returns.

We take pride in our distinctive approach and are committed to serving your needs with efficiency and expertise. Feel free to reach out to explore how our services might align with your financial goals.

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Arbitrage Trading FAQ's

Absolutely! Note that clients trading with their own funds must be able to demonstrate the source of funds in line with our internal processes. A minimum amount of R150,000 is required to trade with your own funds.

Please refer to our quarterly trading statistics on our Home page indicating the historical returns for our clients. Please note that due to the volatility in the crypto arbitrage industry, past returns can not serve as a guarantee for future returns.

We aim to have trades completed within a 24 hour window. There are however times when banking delays can occur. This is not a common occurrence. In such a situation you can be assured that your trade will be honored and that you will not incur any losses due to movements in the price of the cryptocurrency or movement in the forex rate.

No, all our trades are fully hedged and clients therefore have no exposure to the foreign exchange movements.

You are required to declare this income in your tax return. Fynbos Consulting can assist you in ensuring that this income is correctly disclosed in your annual tax return and that you remain fully tax compliant.

We have partnered with Kuda FX a registered Financial Services Provider (FSP 46310) who operates as a foreign exchange intermediary. Kuda FX uses Investec to remit funds offshore on behalf of our clients.

In our case we have an established relationship with Kuda FX ensuring we provide our clients with the best possible foreign exchange rates which results in the best arbitrage returns for our clients.

Nothing! All that you will need to do is provide a schedule of your assets and liabilities and your eFiling login details. Everything else will be managed by the Fynbos Team with the assistance of their service partners!

Yes! Your profit, as well as your capital can be withdrawn after each trade that is performed. Alternatively, you can keep your funds in your Investec account which bears interest at 7.25% per annum.